Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Post Election Day Soul Carving

Every time an election day goes wrong for me, I can't help but try to find a way to reinvent myself. Elections happen every year, and if one day a year is going to regularly upset me to such lengths, I should buck up and find a way to deal with it properly and move on.

As many readers on Slog know, I am an asshole. However, I only play an asshole on blogs. I'm not an asshole in real life. And I now vow to not play an asshole on Slog any longer. However, I will remain asshole on my own blog. Who's going to block me from my own blog, after all?

I'll also be tackling an approach to making points circulating Seattle, King County, Washington State, and Pacific Northwest areas that might actually involve not being an asshole! It can be done, but now I realize it's a better way to make a point than be smug and confrontational. Thought and civility are the new sexy.

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